Happy 71st Independence Day

double exposure image of Pakistani flag and Islamabad Monument Museum

Sharing a quote by Muhammad Ali Jinnah that is simple yet bullet proof.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah quote on independence day of Pakistan

This quote by Quaid-e-Azam should be made a life mantra by each one of us because faith and believing is never passive. Once you believe something, you’ll act according to your belief. That’s the power of faith, it will make you get up and work for it every single day.

These simple words can have a bullet proof impact on us as a nation. For instance if you see yourself as a great writer, can you sit down and not write to make that belief a truth? you cannot do that. That’s the power of belief, it pushes you to work for it every single day until that vision realizes.

Happy 71st Independence day to all Pakistani’s here and abroad. It’s a beautiful day in Islamabad as rain kept pouring all night. I am listening to Pakistani Mili Naghmay and having my usual breakfast. Let me know in the comments of how you spent your Independence day morning!

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