Announcement: I Have Uploaded My First Youtube Video! Please Support and Subscribe

youtube announcement

Hello my lovely readers!

I have uploaded my first YouTube video. Here’s my promise to upload once a week(most probably every Wednesdays or Thursdays) because right now I love writing way too much to abandon it completely in exchange for my presence on the video medium. Please! like my video and give your genuine feedback as to what are your expectations regarding the content. Please!!! that’s my heartfelt request to not be shy and give me suggestions.

Give your girl some encouragement and share my videos with your friends! 

How to Find My Channel

By the way my channel is very new so you will have to type “Alsoknownasbeautiful” in youtube search bar  to get to my channel.

Later when my videos start getting enough views, then I can get a custom url with my original name so it is easier for you guys to remember as well!

In the meanwhile, I’ll be posting all the links of my future videos on this blog!




My YouTube video is embedded down below. Check it out and don’t forget to subscribe and press the bell icon to get notified. 

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