Turning Around a Bad Day! My Way

clouds showing a bad day

Hello everybody! So basically a bad day has inspired me to writing this article. Ever had one of those days when for no reason you become the recipient of someone’s lashing? or held responsible for how they are feeling? Yup I was having one of those days and surprisingly the bad day inspired me to write. Why?because now I am not sleep walking through life and my awareness levels are much higher. So when you are wide awake, you can make a lemonade from the lemons handed over to you by a situation or some person. Notice I did not say ‘Life handing me out lemons’ because life is beautiful and it has nothing to do with stuff or situations happening to you. It has only to do with what you are making out of those situations.

Anyways, Enough of the background knowledge. Now let’s get towards turning around that bad and arrogant day!

1. Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

When someone says hurtful things to you or calls you names. It has nothing to do with you but everything to do with them. How we see others is a reflection of what we hold true about ourselves.

When you look into clear water, what you see is your reflection. So when someone dislikes something about you or says hurtful things to you, it is them being reflected through you. That is how PERCEPTION works. The water will get clear when you are aware. The muddy water is going to show you a muddy reflection of you. The important thing to take here is to focus on becoming aware so you can understand that people hurt you because they are hurting. They dislike you because they can’t handle certain parts about themselves being reflected through you. Send them peace and light because they are bothered by their own truth.

Okay so Rimsha it’s about them not me, now what? Now focus on your reaction. Because your reaction is going to teach you about YOU. And the reality is that your reaction is the real YOU. Be thankful to people who irk you and manage to get negative reactions out of you each and every single time. They are giving you an opportunity to get an awareness of who you are. So you better take the lesson and work towards managing those reactions. Or else everybody’s perception about themselves will rub off on you. But if you are wide awake and you know your truth then you’ll let it pass as just another noise. This is what we call as INNER WORK

2. Kill Procrastination

Since I have started making YouTube videos, I have been neglecting writing on my blog. The magic that happens when I write is incomparable to when I am speaking in front of a camera. The experience is different but the point I am trying to make is when you are feeling low and discouraged due to external factors. The only thing that is going to make you feel powerful is when you take on that much needed task. Complete the task that you have been procrastinating for a while. Maybe you need to clear out your wardrobe, call your best friend, go to the bank etc etc. You will feel your blood pumping as you reach towards completing it.

The feeling of taking action on something you have been procrastinating for a while is similar to endorphins being released when you go out for a run 🏃‍♂️

 3. Get Moving

When you move your body i.e. going for a walk, doing yoga or any physical exercise, the pituitary gland releases feel good hormones called endorphins. These endorphins are responsible for making you feel happy and exhilarated after a good workout.

Before moving onto fourth point, Let me do a 20 minute workout consisting of stretching, cardio and planks.

Woohoo! Feels amazing like I am in Love 😍

4. Make a Snack

Do you like eating snacks that are sweet and salty? The combo screams comfort and happy tummy. I am making a grilled cheese and apple sandwich. You need shredded cheddar cheese, thinly sliced half apple and white bread.

Heat the skillet and put one tablespoon of canola oil. You can also use coconut oil. Put the slices of apple and cheddar cheese between the bread slices and grill the toast till it turns golden brown!!!

It was so yummy; cheesy and mildly sweet. Have it in breakfast or if you are like me, make it late night to serve as perfect snack for your drama time. la la la!!

making a snack on a bad day

5. Watch a Feel Good Drama

Get comfortable on a couch with your precious snack in a plate and play those feel good old PTV dramas.

I decided to watch Special Eid Flight (PTV comedy drama) starring Moin Akhtar. I honestly forget about my stupid worries when I watch Moin Akhtar. Below are the links of the telefilm, so you enjoy it as well!

I think I did give you enough motivation to believe that it was just a bad day!



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