Treat Your Friendships as An Investment!

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I never had a difficulty making new friends at any phase of my life because of my superpowers with the listening thing. These superpowers can become your weakness or strength depending on how quickly you are able to analyze the patterns. So, regardless of this bitter sweet personality trait of mine, it would still not qualify me being a solid friend. In my early twenties, I started to realize the importance of building the strong support system which we call as friendship. It is what makes life worth living for and that is why it is significantly important to treat your friendships as an investment!

Treat Your Friendships as An Investment

Investing in friendships that will last a lifetime require an intentional effort and fight through the good and bad times. I have made and let go of a lot of friends with time but there sure is a tight group of people that I never would wanna lose EVER. Honestly, that kind of friend for me is the one who is loyal, supportive, matches my effort with a capital E to spending time together and who is not afraid to call me on my bullshit when I am on the wrong. I don’t wanna sound all over the place so I will just mention 5 ways on investing for a life-long friendship

1. Be Consistent

Calling someone your best friend is not enough to bind them in a relationship with you forever. Its the consistency of your actions that will keep your beautiful association thriving. So be thoughtful and give them the attention they deserve!

2. Be Accepting

Even though the friends with whom you belong share the same values and a life vision, a point can come when one of you embarks on a different path or your friend becomes more successful in their careers than you. It is these times which test your true loyalty and acceptance of them. It is almost impossible to be a life-long friend with someone you envy or compete with.

3. Be Encouraging and Positive

Encourage your friends to grow and become a better person. This does not mean to trying to fix them or constantly bombard them with uncalled for counselling which itself is a dangerous territory of codependency. If you are not familiar with the term codependency, I won’t shy away from writing a whole another article on just this term. Anyways, a positive and encouraging energy will strengthen the bond with your sweet friend.

4. But Be Honest

A true friend should never ever shy away from telling you your shortcomings. This kind of honesty is direct and active and is not hidden under the guise of a joke or sarcasm. I can mention three such friends on my fingertips that I can always count on being honest and sincere. One is my mom, second is my little sister and third one is a best friend of mine from university days. I wish I had a bigger number but majority of people are afraid of confrontation and they fear making their friends upset.

So, if your friend has a bad breath please let him/her know of that POLITELY!

5. Be Dependable

Last one is the most obvious. It is being dependable and not letting your friends down when they truly need you!

I wrote this little article to acknowledge and appreciate the friends in my life. They make my life rangeen and so fun.







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  1. Loved the post. To have somone who is
    encouraging and have faith on you (when even
    you don’t) in this world full of negativity and
    judgemenality is a blessing indeed. ☺

    I would like to know more about codependency

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