How To Stop Wasting Time on Instagram

Last year was monumental in making me aware of the habits that were causing me great deal of anxiety. One of the habits was regularly checking up on Instagram just after I would wake up. The mindless scrolling would last sometimes for hours and the cycle of checking in and out continued the whole day. I also became inactive on my blog because the pressure of consistently coming up with good content took a toll on my mental well being. The episode although dark was significant in teaching me some great lessons about being mindful. As someone who believes and writes about self-growth, it was important for me to become aware of my own actions.

So let’s discuss on how to stop wasting endless amount of time on Instagram and Facebook. But before we delve into the self-discipline strategies, its essential to understand the ‘Why’ in this scenario!


Why do you think you need to check up on constant notifications from Instagram and Facebook? I’ll give you some options to choose your answer from,

  1. You want to focus on what you ‘LACK’
  2. You like to stalk on people you hate
  3. You need a new wish list of clothes and makeup that you can’t afford
  4. You hate being Grateful
  5. You want to aid Influencers make money at the expense of YOUR time and energy
  6. You like living at a lower frequency
  7. Your life is in competition with virtual people
  8. You lack face to face communication skills
  9. You also don’t like to read (this is a trap to influence you into reading my blogs) *wink wink*
  10. You do not care about your health and well-being

We all know that the world we live in today is completely information oriented. Whatever we can think of is manifested in seconds whether we need it or not. So it all comes down to the ‘quality’ and the ‘quantity’ of information we choose to surround ourselves with. The constant information consumption can take away the mind’s ability to be ‘Aware’ of what actually matters. I don’t believe that living on autopilot mode is the way to live our best life. The way to truly Living is being conscious of our own desires and choices without falling victim to external surroundings.

RAT Strategy

I have developed a three step strategy which helps you to use social media sensibly

1. Refine

Now that you know why it is important to use the social media consciously, it is important that you refine the quality of social media accounts you choose to surround yourself with. Follow people and accounts that you truly believe are providing value to your life. Do not follow anybody who triggers negative emotions out of you i.e. jealousy, comparison, hate and fear of the unknown. As for me, I am into photography, travel and fashion so I consciously make a choice to only follow accounts that inspire me to learn and become more creative.

2. Alternative

While you are mindlessly scrolling your Instagram and Facebook feed, ask yourself the best alternative you could be doing instead? It could be as simple as to keep away your phone and spend time with your family. A genuine smile and eye contact shared with your loved ones is much more rewarding than the mindless tapping on the pictures of strangers.

3. Stick to a Time Table

When I first started to become aware of my mindless social media habits, the rudimentary hard limit I put on myself was to never check up on Instagram or Facebook first thing in the morning. Overtime with less and less usage I noticed that not only I became less anxious throughout the day, I also started to look forward to the time where checking up on social media would feel like a reward. I log into my Instagram on a weekly basis and even then I spend max 20-30 minutes. It is because my feed is refined and I only check up on the information ‘ I have Chosen’ to surround myself with. Doesn’t this feel amazing and totally in control of your life?

What About Influencers?

If you are a social media influencer, it is understandable that you have to create a consistent presence and an active engagement with your followers. You need to start using Scheduling apps such as ‘Buffer’ and ‘Hootsuite’. With these scheduling apps, you can write and plan your social media updates in bulk which these apps will publish regularly according to a schedule.

I hope this blog will force you to log out of your social media accounts and live a life free from the pressures of virtual world. Remember, nothing is more important than your well-being and mental peace.

Have a great day foxies! xoxo

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  1. Quite relatable. Your posts cover almost every
    aspect of life.

    I would like to share a couple of points.
    1) If you don’t install facebook or instagram apps,
    then you have to make an effort everytime to log
    in which may help to reduce the time you spend
    on these apps in autopilot mode ?

    2) If you can’t stand anyone in real life, DO NOT
    STALK. It might seem a bit hard in the beginning
    but make a conscious effort for the sake of your
    peace of mind. ?

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with your second point that “If you can’t stand someone in real life, you shouldn’t attempt to STALK them ONLINE. Thanks tons xoxo!

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