Ramadan Update and Some Life Hacks for Fasting

Ramadan Life Hacks

How is My Ramadan Going so Far?

Can you believe that the first Ashra of Ramadan is almost over? The month of interminable blessings is passing by real fast. I keep telling myself everyday to be present and enjoy every moment of it. But to be honest, fasting in the early summer months of Pakistan is a constant struggle with trying to keep oneself active whilst maintaining the sanctity of Ramadan.

┬áHere’s a little update of how is my Ramadan going so far!


I am seriously so fortunate to be born in a Muslim family where each one of us fasts for 30 days straight(MashAllah). It is a blessing because then you have no excuse to skip or eat unhealthy in Suhoor. Even though my Suhoor and Iftar meal is rich in whole grains, protein, fiber and dairy, yet it seems impossible to ward off the lethargy that I feel during the day. An olive oil greased chapati with a fried egg, some cheese along with yogurt lassi is what I take in my Suhoor Meal. I also have half a cup of green tea with honey. I am not a fan of green tea but I started taking it just as an alternative to black tea.

Exercise and Ibadah

I try getting a good 6-7 hours of sleep during the day but it is only after the Dhuhr prayers that I feel most productive to recite Quran. Keeping oneself physically active is not obligatory in fasting but is healthy and beneficial in so many ways. I always feel great and less lethargic when I do some light exercises during fasting.

Social Media Detox

This Ramadan I have decided to take a break from posting on my social media accounts. To be honest I feel present and less stressed with my decision to go for a social media detox. Ramadan with all of its spiritual blessings also teaches us to let go and stop being pretentious. Humility is what a fast should instill in us.

I also want to share some useful Ramadan hacks with you!

Ramadan Life Hacks for Fasting

1. Avoid Oily and Salty foods in Suhoor. Try having a chapati instead of a paratha

2. If you don’t like having a dry chapati in Suhoor, grease some olive oil onto the chapati

3. You can also have 2 to 3 Medjool dates in Suhoor if you feel your energy levels remain low throughout the day

4. Avoid drinking processed and artificial sugary beverages in Iftaar as they will wreak havoc on your skin. Instead have an all natural lemonade or just plain water

5. Chia seeds are amazing for your gut. Take one tablespoon of swelled up chia seeds and stir it into your lemonade in Iftaar

6. The best workout time is just an hour before Iftaar. That way your lost energy level will quickly be retained once you break your fast. Don’t workout in the afternoon as it can lead to muscle loss

7. If you wakeup late in Suhoor with only 5 to 6 minutes remaining, have a bowl of yogurt and a banana. Trust me, you won’t feel any hunger or dehydration throughout the day

8. Do not skip prayers by sleeping away your fast the whole day. Not praying is close to ‘Kufr’ as Prophet Muhammad SAW said “Between a man and shirk and kufr there stands his giving up prayer.” (Muslim)

Please share your lifestyle hacks for Ramadan in the comments below so other people can benefit from them too! xoxo


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