How to Make SMART Goals? Read Important Subscription Notice

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S.MA.R.T Goals

Hello everybody! Hope you all are doing great with life. This week I decided to explain what is a SMART goal system and how to make a SMART goal. The definition of goal setting is the process of identifying something that you want to accomplish. The goals however should have a time frame and be measurable. Watch the entire video from the start to finish because there is a complete SMART goal example*business related* just at the end to help you develop and achieve the goals effectively.

Watch the video and let me know if my explanation of SMART goal setting made sense to you:)

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Important Subscription Notice

Lastly, I have some important announcement relating to my website newsletter.  When I was building the email list for my website,I added lot’s of subscribers in my newsletter campaign through referrals. So technically they got added in the newsletter campaign without their consent. Hence they always took those emails about my blog posts for granted and never opened or clicked the newsletter. Anyways removing each and every person that was not active or clicking the emails was quite cumbersome. So I deleted all of the subscribers and their email addresses that were part of my newsletter campaign. Now the point of this information is to give a reminder to my regular readers that if they are still interested in getting a newsletter for new blog posts then they can manually just fill the sign up form given on the right hand side of my website’s home page.

Thanks a lot  💖✨🌹🌺

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