Happy Little Things of Winters

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This afternoon while I was checking my website, a feeling of disappointment crept up on me. I have been neglecting my blog for quite some time now and there are numerous reasons behind this attitude. Firstly, I have an extreme obsession with details which leads to a quick burn out. Secondly, I feel that I can’t keep up with the trends of blogging community so why bother.

Anyways, it still does not mean that whatever I can contribute is insignificant. These all reasons are just in my head and maybe I just need real life inspiration to start writing consistently.

So till the time I find my inspiration back, lets talk about some happy little things of winters.

Happy Little Things of Winters

I have compiled a list of things which makes me happy in winters. I am sure most of you will be able to relate to them.

1. Breakfast Happiness

  1. Having Whole Wheat Pancakes with Honey
  2. Crispy Parathas and Black Chickpeas Gravy
  3. Cheddar Cheese and Honey Toast along with Boiled Eggs
  4. Mini Fried Apple Pie with Coffee

2. Fuzzy Happiness

  1. My blanket (It makes me feel grateful every night)
  2. My most worn wool cardigan( It’s synonym to having a special someone)
  3. Cute new socks
  4. A pom pom beanie
  5. Cozy Mornings

3. The Under Cover Happiness :p

  1. Reading a good book in a blanket
  2. Watching my favorite drama’s new episode before dozing off to sleep

4. Food equals Happiness

  1. Late night drive for ice cream
  2. A cup of cappuccino in the evening
  3. Having freshly fried street Pakoras and Samosas on a windy cloudy day of Winters
  4. Feasting on peanuts with my Mama Baba and naughty brothers

5. Finding a Silver Lining at Winter Weddings

  1. Gajar ka halwa and tea at the end of wedding reception
  2. Now this one is the best! Changing into my cozy nightwear after coming back from attending a wedding function at night. Nothing is as joyful as to be back all in one piece to a warm room

6. The Winter Fashion Happiness

  1. Black fleece tights! they are everything
  2. Body Thermals for layering
  3. Elegant Court shoes and Moccasins
  4. A Beige Pashmina embroidered Shawl(Life Saviour)
  5. A black leather jacket(even though its not a warm outerwear, it makes me gleeful and confident)

7. The Endless Sunbathing

  1. Having oranges on a sunny day at the rooftop
  2. Offering Jummah prayers on a sunny winter day at the rooftop
  3. Taking long comfy sun bathes

8. Winter Beauty Routine Happiness

  1. Taking a long shower only on weekends
  2. Freshly Moisturized hands and feet
  3. The smell of my oatmeal face moisturizer
  4. Red Lipstick
  5. Dark Mani
  6. Going months without needing to shave/wax my legs ! haha

9. Rainy Day Walk Happiness

Taking a walk with a loved one after the rain on the roadside.

I hope this list will bring a smile on your face today! Its the little things in life that give us joy which is why it is so important to be present and appreciative of those moments.

Have a cozy fuzzy sunday ! xoxo




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  1. Awww. Thoroughly enjoyed it. ?? Going
    through the list, I wondered how we take these,
    apparently, “little” thing forgranted. There is SO
    SO much to be grateful for.

    Please keep writing. I look forward to your posts.

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