Entertaining Guests: 5 Habits of Hospitality I Have Picked Up From My Parents

Hey my foxies! So I wanted to share some words on the habits of hospitality I have picked up from my parents. This article is basically an acknowledgement and also a helpful reminder to always keep me on my toes. Apart from the dos and don’ts of entertaining guests, its also a form of transmission of ‘kind’ energy that you want to attract. Its a simple concept; To becoming the energy that you want to attract and receive.

Entertaining Guests: 5 Habits of Hospitality I Have Picked Up From My Parents


1. Cleaning Up the Clutter

In an ideal world, I would to love clean up everyday but this is not an ideal world and I am not an ideal girl so I make sure to clear up all the clutter, put freshly washed linens and do dusting of furniture the day before guests are invited. A clean home always looks warm and welcoming. Notice, I did not say ‘spotless’ or ‘pristine’ because that kind of home looks the opposite of welcoming which is ‘intimidating’


2. Taking Care of Basic Amenities

Your washroom should always have a new soap or a hand wash, a shampoo and freshly washed towels for your guests to use. I cannot stress enough the importance of a clean washroom with a freshly washed ‘dry’ towel. This is the first thing I notice when I am invited somewhere and no I am not being snobbish, its just a matter of hygiene and being considerate enough.

3. Home Made Food

It really does not matter if you are able to impress your guests with dozens of food choices. The only thing that most people desire when invited to a dinner party is to have a good time and eat warm and simple home made food. Home made food is not only healthy but also serves as your signature so why not do a little effort into making that signature one of a kind?

4. Nice Crockery

Although I am not a proponent of using Fine China just when your guests come around, its still a kind gesture to use your nicest crockery when hosting tea and dinner parties. Always keep napkins or tissue papers around to make cleaning up easy for your guests.

5. Give them Company

Its always a good idea to prepare half done meals and set the dinner table before your guests arrive so you can give them company and enjoy their visit. People will always forget what you did for them but they will never forget how you made them feel.

That is all for today! I know many married women read my articles too so please feel free to contribute in the comment section if there are any specific traditions that you all keep in mind with entertaining the guests.

Have a great day! xoxo


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  1. I agree with all the points.

    However in case of unexpected guests, I found it
    really helpful to have kebabs and other home
    made dishes in your refrigerator. I also keep on
    looking for easy recipes that can be made in
    limited time.

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