7 Ways to Give a Bold NO

how to say no

I have always believed that there are few important communication and social skills one learns at a very young age. Although I am naturally  a straight-forward (true meaning:selfish) person, the audacity to express ‘No’ did not come to when I was teen. Its when I started to realize that not saying ‘No’ when I wanted to always resulted in resentment and unhappiness. It simply wraps you in the vicious circle of negativity. 

7 Ways to Give a Bold NO

I can tell you 7 effective ways to give a Bold NO. Now, you must understand that the skill to saying ‘No’ is not evil or bad, its just that we as humans have a right to our own well-being and it takes practice to hone this skill without offending the other party. Without further ado, lets talk about ways you can practice to start saying No

1. Say it Graciously

“I appreciate you asking, but I don’t think I will be able to do it”

2. Explain Precisely

“Thanks, but I am busy” or “Thanks, but I have got commitments on that day”. Beating about the bush and going on and on about why you said no is only going to make you look insincere plus this kind of behavior can sometime induce the other person to keep pressuring you to accede to their request.

3. Just Say NO

The psychological trick that I am going to tell you today has never failed to work its magic. The trick is to saying No with a straight face and going silent afterwards. If you have never tried this trick before, well then its the coolest way to get out of your comfort zone. I have given straight “No No’s” to my elders, siblings, best friends, people I used to work with and even my ex crushes and boy oh boy never did I feel so much in charge.

4. Express Your Values

By values I mean your belief system. If somebody asks you to do something which you absolutely abhor or do not believe in, simple tell them,

“Its not my Style”

For example I do not like to lend anybody my clothes and shoes. I don’t borrow them as well. I also don’t eat chicken so if you think you can pressure me into eating it if I happen to be a guest at your place then you will most probably get to hear that ‘ I hate chicken and I hate you as well”

Jokes apart, you should always take your values and belief system seriously because that is what free people do. I am getting carried away so lets just stop it here

5. Everybody Puts their Family First

” Thanks for the invite, but Saturdays are for my family” or “Thanks for asking, but I am trying to give more time to my relationship with my spouse, family etc”

6. Recommend Someone Else

” I am Sorry, I won’t be able to do it but let me recommend someone who may be of help to you”

7. Say it in a Funny Way



I am also putting a link to an awesome blog on 25 bad ass ways to say No. They are downright funny and hilarious. Click the link here

Let me know of your thoughts in the comments below. Have a great day ahead! xoxo

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  1. Hahah a much needed post
    Thanks for writing it down you always amaze
    me with your beliefs.
    and yes NO is a complete statement.

  2. ?? the chicken one.

    Agree with all the points. Now thinking about the
    moments in life where I could’ve said NO with
    straight face. ?

    1. you must be asleep in those moments AJ,as its hard to imagine you saying yes to unreasonable requests haha 🙂 love you

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