5 Simple Ways to Become More Organized

collage of 5 simple ways to get more organized

Ever wondered why all-rounder successful people emphasize so much on being organized and put together?

For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned

Benjamin Franklin

Organizing will save you time, increase productivity(achieve more in less time) and relieves anxiety. It also makes people respect you because your impeccable work/living space unconsciously give off a vibe of someone being in control.

Here are five simple ways to become more organized!

  1. Make a To-Do List(Make a list of three high-priority tasks the night before)
  2. Check and Clear your Email daily and unsubscribe from relentless newsletters and notifications from social media
  3. Develop a Signature Style(Outfits,hairstyle,makeup and stuff that effortlessly make you look put-together in no time)
  4. Clean everyday(Watch my video on what cleaning tasks should you be doing daily?)
  5. Keep everything in its place right after using it(Are you Listening?)



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