5 Reasons You Just Can’t Save Money

pakistani girl talking about money

Hello my lovely readers!

So I couldn’t deliver on my promise of producing separate content for my blog and YouTube but that’s because I couldn’t foresee on how much time even a simple 5-6 minute video making process can take. The ideas flow to me naturally but the execution part is dry and tiresome. Getting stuck on minute details is what frustrates me most about myself and I know it’s not going to be this way forever. Slowly but eventually I’ll get the hang of the whole process and then I’ll happily give time to my website as well as to my YouTube channel. Thank you to each and everyone who visited my channel and gave encouraging comments.

Now coming on to today’s video. It’s a short introduction on bad money habits which deter you to save money and achieve financial success. Money saving skills determine whether or not you have a healthy money mindset.

Watch the video embedded below. Hope you like it!

See you soon




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