5 Angry Questions Pakistani Gal Asks When Arguing ;-p

5 Angry Questions Pakistani Gal Asks When Arguing

Hello my foxies! I am so happy to finally be back to blogging. I have a lot of winter beauty and styling posts piled up for my blog to do list. But today I wanted to write a goofy blog post around some angry expressions posed as questions when Pakistani gals are mad at you while they are arguing.

6 Angry Questions Pakistani Gal Asks When Arguing

A Pakistani gal will ask you a lot of open ended questions when she is heated up. These open ended questions can sure be answered straight forwardly if you are gutsy and don’t mind self-deprecating humor.

1. Kia Tum Pagal Hou?


This expression is used when they are bored and can’t be bothered to come up with anything witty but a simple question asĀ ” Are you crazy?” and the answer to which should be “Why? Have they started looking for me?already!”

2. Tum ne Mjhe Samajh Kia Rakha Ha?


This expression is mostly used when some statement of yours is being taken as a personal attack and it translates to saying as” What exactly do you think I am?”

Answer: “Its not a riddle? is it? because if it is, I can describe you in three words: desperate , insecure and pathetic”

3. Kia Tum Kabhi School Gaye/Gayi Hou


This is my favorite one as I have not only used it but heard it as a literal question asked by my friend while she was giving math tuition to the other friend of mine.

The expression is also used when they have lost the argument and the only possible way left to save face is to bash you on your grammatical mistakes. And, so after throwing your ‘middle class’ grammar at your face, they ask you oh so nicely,

Question: ” Did you ever go to a school?”

Answer: “Yes I still go to a School, to TEACH!”

4. Tum ne Mere Liye Aaj Tak Kia Kya Hai?


This expression is normally used as a tactic to blackmail you into doing a favor for them and it translates to as ” What have you ever done for me?”

Answer: ” I adopted you when you were 21″

5. Tum Har Cheez Mein Meri Copy Kyun Karti Hou


This expression is used when they have tried every trick in the book to stop you from copying them. They have even started living on an Island but your determination to copy them is unbeatable and so finally they have to confront you on this, ” Why do you copy every single thing about me?”

Answer: ” I envy you” or better version would be, ” Mein Tum se Jalti hn;)”

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