11 low-key Resolutions for Year 2018 that You and I can Keep Up With

I don’t really believe in making resolutions solely because most of them lack a structure and a plan. If you want to shift something in your life, start developing little adjustments or might I say good habits to get sustainable results. As for me, I always strive to be a better person than who I was the year before. So instead of making huge claims for the new year I just make teeny tiny low-key resolutions that are not just achievable but enriching and fun as well.

11 low-key Resolutions for Year 2018 that You and I can Keep Up With

Here is a list of some low-key and modest resolutions that I believe are attainable even for the laziest and busiest of us. Lets get started 🙂

1. Start Writing Everyday Agendas


I don’t have a regular job but I still make it a point of writing my everyday agendas on a paper. You are much more likely to stay on track and be accountable if you can see your daily outline in a tangible form. Writing an everyday agenda makes me calm and I am better able to prioritize the most important tasks of the day.

2. Get Ready Everyday


Getting ready everyday whether or not you have to go somewhere can turn out to be a milestone in getting your self care game on point. Looking cute and put together for nobody but yourself? that sure is impressive.

3. Mindful Of Your Posture


An upright posture will shoo away your haters and attract the lovers :p haha but really posture is so important in communicating confidence. There are so many stretching exercises that you can search online to build a great posture.

4. Develop Three Non-Compromising Healthy Habits


My top three healthy habits for this year are 1). Checking Social Media once a week 2). Drinking Water and having at least one serving of fruit in a day 3). Spending quality time with my Parents

5. Start Giving Handwritten Thank you Notes


I bet the person receiving the note will start to smile before even reading what’s written inside that note. Handwritten notes and cards are precious because of the effort and thought put into them. Lets do more of it this year

6. Learn to Make a CheeseCake


My sister has already checked off this resolution and I can’t wait for her to come home and teach me to make a scrumptious strawberry cheesecake!

7. Read a Book every Month


This one might intimidate people who are on and off readers but you don’t really have to read difficult and huge books. Find a genre that you really like and read one physical book of that category once a month even if it is as small as consisting of 100 pages.

8.Learn 350-400 new words of Another Language

I am beautiful in spanish

Learning a new language on your own can make many people anxious. Download an app on your smartphone and just learn 6-7 new words everyday of the language you want to learn. In less than two months, you will have achieved beginner level proficiency in that new language. Bravo!

9. Ultra Clean the Hard to Reach Places of Your House Once a Week


This one is a bit tough but ultra cleaning one portion of your house i.e. windows, storage rooms, kitchen storage, floors, carpet cleaning etc once a week will not only make your house clean but also create a harmonious and vibrant energy.

10. Spend Money on Experiences instead of Eating Out


In 2017 I checked off most of my bucket list related to trying out new eateries in Islamabad and even though eating out is a lot of fun, I would rather spend my money on play rides than food. Eating out is not only unhealthy but expensive as well and why would you spend money on something that is making you fat and sick?

11. Stop Splashing out Your Money on Formal Event Dresses


So this is another resolution related to money management. My best friend’s wedding is less than two months away and I am in no mood to splash my money on formal dresses that I won’t be able to wear anywhere else other than weddings. I have decided to challenge myself and buy semi formals that are versatile enough to function in my daily wardrobe.

That is all for this year’s low key resolutions. Off course I have made some big goals and resolutions too but I won’t be sharing those with you until and unless I achieve them. You should do the same, keep your goals to yourself if you want them to realize!

Have a great day my powerful foxies! xoxo


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  1. Rimi, your posts are informative and
    entertaining (your selection of gifs is hilarious).

    I loved all the resolutions, and will include them
    in my to do list. ?

  2. I wait for your writings , you amaze us everytime
    with your classy ideas, your resolution list is
    worth following 🙂

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