10 Money Rules to Know in Your 20’s

girl teaching on 10 money rules to know in 20's

Hey everyone! So after being away for more than two weeks, I uploaded a video this past Saturday on my YouTube channel. It was on 10 money rules to know in your 20’s.

Since I have started my YouTube channel, I am unable to delegate time to write separate content for my blog. I can however prioritize if I want to but the video filming process does include a lot of writing which is why I have decided to start including a written summary along with embedded video.

People who are fast readers like to get straight to the point. So from now onwards there will be a concise script with the videos that are centered towards personal development. Here is a run-down on all the points mentioned in the video below

10 Money Rules to Know in Your 20’s

  1. Make a budget with 50/30/20 rule. (50% for neccessities,30%for luxury and 20% for saving)
  2. Save the bonuses or raise in salary
  3. Learn and get better at your skill. Personal development is huge if you want to improve your standard of living
  4. If an 8 plus year old appliance breaks down then instead of spending money on its repair, buy a new one(watch the video to learn more)
  5. Track your Problem spending areas
  6. Make an emergency fund(watch the video to know on how to make it)
  7. Pay your highest interest rate debt as soon as possible
  8. The maximum that you should pay towards your debt is 30-35% of your budget
  9. Remember money does not grow in a linear fashion
  10. Make money by doing something you are good at naturally(trust me on this; money follows with doing something you love)

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Have a great and productive week ahead!



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