Vintage Inspired Fall Makeup and Hairstyle

Vintage inspired hairdo and makeup

To be honest I always find it terribly difficult to feel a 10 when I am getting ready in Winters. Its the black outerwear of season which gives me a reason to put some extra effort into makeup and hair. I love the vintage hairstyles from 1940’s and obviously the beautiful retro curls are not easy to achieve. So instead I recreated a modernized version of vintage inspired fall makeup and hairstyle to just get the vibe of that era into my look

Vintage Inspired Fall Makeup and Hairstyle

For Makeup

Color Studio Professional blusher in sugar plum, Color Studio Lip Artist in rouge and LA girl bb cream in light/medium on a white background

The only two important products to get this look is a red lipstick and a pink or mauve blusher. I used Color Studio Professional Lip Artist liner in shade rouge. The blusher I used was in shade sugar plum from Color Studio Professional. For my base I still use my old favorite LA girl bb cream in light medium.

For Hairstyle

  1. I started with freshly washed hair
  2. I parted my hair down the centerĀ and backcombed both sides of the parting. If you have curly hair, that’s even better as you’ll easily achieve the volume needed for this hairstyle
  3. Then I started making a puff on either sides by twisting the hair backwards, think of it as rope twisting
  4. Securing the puffs using bobby pins
  5. I also like to backcomb the half down portion of my hair so they look rough. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. Instead curl them to get a polished and sweet look

Vintage inspired hairdo and makeup

That’s about it ladies. Have a great day! xoxo



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