My First Insignia Bag!

Insignia cross body bag

Hello everybody! So today’s blog post is a mini handbag review. It is a jet black cross body bag from Insignia.

black crossbody Insignia Bag

 My First Insignia Bag!

I am very picky when it comes to buying handbags. It has to be well made and original. Since, a lot of affordable handbags available in Pakistan are a first and second copies of popular designer handbags. The process of finding something that fits your value system when you are on a tight budget becomes all the more arduous. I was on the look out for a lightweight and formal cross body bag because larger handbags even though are very practical can put undue pressure on your shoulders. I discovered Insignia outlet in Centaurus,Islamabad. It is a high-end Brazilian footwear and accessories brand.

I don’t know why but I always tend to pick up hand bags and shoes in black. Its just my thing. The gold metallic chain with a shoulder strap and a bejeweled double-headed serpent on the flap is exactly what my style is; classic and edgy. It is quite spacious and fits my cellphone and wallet easily. I like that it also has zipper inside so my stuff would not fall out if I have to move around.

inside of a crossbody bag

This branded cross body bag is made from good-quality synthetic material. It cost me $56

Final Verdict

The quality of the handbag is nice. Its not the best but it will probably last you a year or two if you use handbags with a lot of care. I bought this bag because I did not have any formal date appropriate bag and till the time I am able to afford a designer handbag, this is hunky-dory. Insignia is a great original brand and I am planning on buying winter footwear from them soon.

I hope this review was helpful to anyone who is on the lookout for a good quality handbag. Also, please comment the best designer or branded handbags you lovely ladies own. Keep Smiling! xoxo

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