I Did All of My Eid Shopping Under Rs 5000

A-line silk shirt and black mules on a flatlay

I Did All of My Eid Shopping Under Rs. 5000

So I wanted to do a little shopping challenge for Eid-ul-Azha being celebrated on the 21st of this month. It can also be termed as a haul because I did not take pictures of me trying different outfits while I was out shopping. Maybe next time I’ll document the whole experience of me spending a certain amount of money on shopping for clothes, makeup and other home stuff.

I had worn a casual summer dress on Eid-ul-Fitr so on Bari Eid I wanted a proper three-piece dress in lawn. Lots of brands like Junaid Jamshed, Nishat and Gul Ahmed had Independence day Sales going on and like a pro-stalker I had already searched and marked some dresses falling under my budget aka Rs.5000 through their online websites. Even though I had no surety of getting my hands on the marked dresses, I decided to go out and try my luck.

Dress Hunting

Starting with the Junaid Jamshed outlet, none of the dresses from my wish list were available in my size. Whatever else was available did not make me excited. So I gave up on JJ and moved over to LimeLight to see if I can find something there. And LimeLight turned out to be the answer to my prayers lol

As soon as I found this silk shirt in extreme A-line cut, I decided to try it in my size. It was priced at Rs. 3400 and for the price point, it’s fit and tailoring were too good to be true. I love wearing floral prints and on top of that, it’s neckline had sew on tear drop crystals and sequins.

I happily bought the silk shirt with a remaining balance of Rs.1600 in my wallet.

Spending the Remaining Balance

I basically entered Stylo shoes outlet to look for some earrings as I wasn’t expecting to find a formal pair of shoes under Rs.1600

Anyhow these black mules with silk bow straps were too attractive to ignore. The mules were comfortable upon trying and I decided to buy them then and there. Pair of shoes that are comfortable, pretty and in BLACK shouldn’t be missed. And you know how much these mules cost me ?

The mules were priced at Rs. 1599 leaving me with a symbolically auspicious amount; Rs.1

A-line silk shirt and black mules on a flatlay

So that’s about it for my Eid shopping challenge. Eid Moobarik in advance and please don’t make friends with your bakra or bakri because you gonna eat them afterwards 🙁 Just be cold and don’t reply to their calls OKAY








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  1. Wow love your dress selection and I know you yourself won’t be able to resist bakra calls hehe
    May your eid be filled with love , laughter and togetherness ameen

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