Eid ki Tyarian: Casual Summer Outfit For Eid

casual summer eid outfit on white flatlay

So two days back one of my best friends emailed me a photograph of her Eid outfit. It instantly made me realize how the anticipation of Eid and its preparation feels much more sweeter than the actual day itself. I don’t know if its a psychological fact or a matter of being unconscious. But it all comes down to how grateful and present you are. Naturally if you are more present, you’ll enjoy every moment of life as it is and not just the anticipation and the dopamine that follows it.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing a casual summer outfit that I’ll most probably be wearing on Eid day. When I say most probably, it’s because my mom can always intervene and make me wear whatever she deems appropriate.

Eid ki Tyarian: Casual Summer Outfit For Eid

For my dress, I chose a floral printed cotton fabric and got it stitched in Anarkali Style Maxi. I am thinking of pairing it with dark blue skinny jeans. Please let me know in the comments below if I should wear jeans or white pants with it.

For Shoes, I got these denim mule sandals from Stylo.

For Accessories, I found these pretty drop tassels and pearl earrings from LimeLight.

And for scarf, I bought a pure chiffon dopatta and got it dyed in nude color.

eid outfit on a white flat lay

eid outfit on a white flat lay

tassels and pearls earrings on a white flatlay

denim fabric mule sandals on white flatlay

So that’s all for today’s blog post. Wish you a very Joyous Eid in advance. Also, try getting dressed up in the early hours of Eid morning, as it is Sunnah 🙂

I’ll see you soon in my next post for Eid!






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  1. Wow can’t believe it’s so simple yet so classy
    I wish I had the same dress and accessories for eid ❤❤❤

    1. I will go with jeans because I don’t have skin colored tights. Thanks for your feedback xoxo 🙂

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