Easy DIY: How To Reverse-French Manicure

Hey my lovelies! So I decided to share a really easy DIY on how to reverse french manicure. I have always loved the Burlesque star Dita Von Teese’s sexy signature mani. Without the proper supplies , its almost impossible to achieve the clean and glamorous feel of this mani unless you are naturally good with doing nail art. The paper hole reinforcements make the reverse french mani cure look as easy as a pie (even though pie isn’t easy to make)

When it comes to doing manicures, I like them minimalist and modern which is why I chose to work with a neutral shade as a base coat and neon shade as a top coat.

Easy DIY: How To Reverse-French Manicure

Things You’ll Need

nail polish supplies on white background

  1. Reinforcement paper holes (You can find them from stationary shops)
  2. Two nail colors of your choice
  3. nail polish remover

First Step

half moon manicure diy

Start with clean dry nails and paint single coat of the nail color you want to show near your cuticle. I used Medora’s 469 shade as a base coat. Let the base coat dry completely!

Second Step

half moon manicure diy

After the base coat is completely dried, place the paper hole reinforcement at the bottom 25 percent of your nail and press it down so it sticks fully.

Step 3:

half moon manicure diy

half moon manicure diy

Half moon mani diy

Now paint two coats of the second nail color on top and lift off the sticker after the top coat is semi dry. Voila ! The Reverse French/Half Moon Mani is all done 🙂

Here are some original photos of Dita Von Teese’s signature manicure which inspired me to do this DIY!

Dita Von Teese's Manicure


That’s about it. Have a great weekend ahead ladies! xoxo






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