7 Makeover Alternatives for Hair Possessive Girls

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Hey my foxies ! Hope you all are having an amazing start to the Winters. So the other day I was going through my old photos, reminiscing and scrutinizing at how my style has evolved. Even though my taste has matured, the only thing that hasn’t changed a bit about my personal style is my hair which puts me into the category of girls who are hair possessive. A hair possessive girl is one who does not want to do any experimentation with her hair. In simple terms, it just means wanting to remain natural with color, texture and the terminal length of your hair.

So what does this term hair possessive has to do with a makeover? Well its a known fact that experimenting with your hair color and cut can drastically spice up your look. And So I wanted to share some makeover alternatives for girls who are prudes in the hair department like me!

7 Makeover Alternatives for Hair Possessive Girls

A Makeover generally means jazzing up your looks, personality and even mindset. But this article specifically revolves around physical makeover alternatives for the hair possessive girls among us

1. Achieving Skin Perfection

While its true that trying out high end skin care products and facials can give you a clean skin and a temporary glow. It’s actually the clean diet and an active lifestyle that’s going to take away ten years away from your face. A baby soft skin is an indicator of your health in a tip top shape which will subsequently make you feel energized and overall happy.

So start eating fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water and stay away from fried and junk food.

2. Experiment With Makeup

Most of the girls know how to do good makeup which is actually good as makeup has immense power to change up your look and its not even permanent. The game changer elements in makeup are eyeliner styles and dozens of bright lip colors.

Experiment with one makeup look and practice it so you get better at it. With practice, you’ll get to know what suits you and what doesn’t. Stick with what suits you because what makes you look amazing eventually becomes your signature.

3. Try a New Hairstyle

Just like makeup, experiment with a new hairstyle and become pro at achieving that new hairdo in a few minutes notice. If you never try, you’ll never know. So get good with at least one new hairstyle for this season.

The most popular hairstyles which can change up your look are curls, headband braids, side puffs and half up messy buns. Wearing lighter shade of natural hair extensions too can aid you in making certain hairstyles look cool.

There is another sneaky way to change up your look and it is to change the way you part your hair.

4. Glasses

Girls who wear distance prescription spectacles can revamp their look just by donning some quirky pair of glasses. Trust me, you’ll never regret spending a little extra on a good pair of frames. Also wearing contacts on an everyday basis is such a pain so its better to get some cool frames that act as an accessory while fulfilling your vision necessities at the same time.

5. Mini Wardrobe Makeover

Get your wardrobe a mini makeover and start getting out of the usual color palettes that you go for when buying an outfit. If you wear earthy tones, experiment with pastels or maybe primary colors. Also if you wear a lot of prints which most Pakistani women do, then try going monochromatic for some time. You’ll be surprised how amazing it feels to start wearing something which you usually are not drawn towards and it ends up making you look good.

6. Start Wearing Thick Eyebrows

Even if you are not naturally blessed with thick eyebrows, there are plenty of ways to make them look thicker. Firstly, let your eyebrows grow and resist the urge to regular plucking. Secondly, there are tons of great eyebrow products available in the market which you can use to draw or fill in your eyebrows to perfection.

7. Whiten Your Smile

A bright and white smile makes you look not only younger but also desirable. Nowadays there are tons of affordable at home smile makeover kits available in the market. A simple teeth whitening at home remedy is to brush your teeth with pinch of baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) after the regular brushing regime once a week. Another at home remedy is to use a paste of mashed strawberry and baking soda.

Thats about it for my take on some makeover alternatives minus the hair. Have a great weekend ahead! xoxo







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