10 Ways To Tell If You Are Financially Savvy or Stingy?

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Hello my foxies! So I have been wanting to talk about some big girl topics for a while now. One of the things that are a true indicator of your overall well-being is a healthy money mindset. I hate to admit but I have a tendency towards judging people based on their money habits. In this blog post I will break down 10 surefire ways of knowing if you are a financially savvy person(healthy mindset) or a stingy person(unhealthy mindset)

10 Ways To Tell If You Are Financially Savvy or Stingy?

There is a stark difference between the mindset of a financially savvy person and a stingy person. Financially savvy people are resourceful meaning that they get creative with what they have and their end goal is to get “value” out of their money. Stingy people on the other hand form their spending decisions based on whatever is “cheapest”

You must have heard this famous Finnish saying,

” Poor people can’t afford to buy Cheap”

What this saying means is if you buy cheap just for the sake of it, you will end up spending more on replacing or repairing it in the long run which basically defies your logic for saving money.

Here are 10 ways to tell if you have a financially savvy mindset or a stingy mindset

1. Value vs Cost

Financially savvy thinks long term and spends money based on the ‘value’ it provides. It just means that you want to spend your money intentionally and wisely. Stingy on the other hand thinks very short term and buys whatever is the cheapest. Being stingy means that you don’t like to spend and focus only on the ‘cost’ or the ‘price’ that you have to pay.

2. Respectful of Others vs Inconsiderate

Financially savvy give more value to people and building relationships rather than saving money. Stingy on the other hand avoids being social as they consider it expensive.

3. Ordering Smartly at a Restaurant vs Ordering Expensive Items and Pinching on the Tip

Being a financially savvy and responsible person, you will order less expensive dishes and tip generously for the services. However, if you are stingy and a downright jerk, you will order most expensive dishes from the menu and then pinch on the tip. That is pretty inconsiderate considering you ordered Rs. 2500 on Mutton Karhai+Rs. 250 on kheer and chose to not tip decently.

4. Prioritize Spending vs Constant Complaining about Prices

Being financially savvy means you prioritize and plan your spending which means putting a lot of intentional effort into meeting your financial goals. But if you are stingy, you can’t stop complaining about prices and become unreasonable for spending even on necessities.

5. Investing in High Quality Outer Wear vs Buying Cheaply made Replicas

Being financially savvy, you will invest in high quality outer wear that will stand the test of time. Stingy just buys loads of cheap replicas of designer brands that will lose their luster after using two to three times.

6. Prioritize their Fitness vs Neglecting their image

Being financially savvy, you prioritize ‘investing’ in your health and fitness. This means that you will not be shy to buy those expensive running shoes if you jog every day. Stingy on the other hand will prioritize saving money at the expense of their health and well-being.

7. Making a Personalized gift vs Re-gifting Useless Items

A financially savvy person understands that its the thought that counts when gifting. They will use their resources and make a personalized hand made gift when they are short of funds. Trust me nobody has ever not loved and appreciated a personalized hand made gift. When it comes to stingy, they usually do not mind re gifting whatever useless items they have at hand. Cheap people should always refrain from giving gifts whatsoever. Favor to Humanity !

8. Buying on Bulk vs Buying Cheaply Made Products

As I have said before, being financially savvy means to plan and prioritize your spending. That is why you buy household items in bulk to save money and time. On the other hand, being stingy you buy poorly made products which you will regret later and might have to spend more on the replacement and repairing cost.

9. Splurge Once in a While vs Depriving themselves

Financially savvy people do not deprive themselves and splurge once in a while on luxury items because their spending is based on value rather the cost. Stingy people deprive themselves and are usually unhappy people because they have a lot to complain about.

10. Built on patience and discipline vs built on ignorance

The financially savvy fulfills its financial goals through patience and discipline. They like to research and be intentional with their spending. However, a stingy person does not know much about money and its value. All he/she cares is spending as little as possible. Financially savvy people do not worry about money and Stingy people can’t stop worrying about money.

So What do you guys think? I would love to know your definition of being financially savvy. Let me know in the comments below.

Have a great day! xoxo



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  1. Wow. This post gives me some serious thought
    about my spending habits. ?

    For me, it depends on priorities as well.
    Personally, I wouldn’t bother spending more
    money on clothes and rather save for things I
    prefer (like travelling).

    Totally agree with your point of not depriving
    yourself. I have recently started doing it and
    found it quite useful.

    1. Spending on travelling is the supreme form of self-investment.
      Thanks A lot for giving your valuable input here!!!!

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