Aquarius Inspired Eye Makeup

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Hey everybody! Hope you all are doing great with life and makeup. This blog post is not at all inspired by my zodiac sign but hey it makes for a great title. Also because the symbol of Aquarius is water-bearer, the royal blue smokey eye look will go perfectly with this sign. How do you feel about that?

Let’s get to my version of the easiest royal blue smokey eye tutorial!

Aquarius Inspired Eye Makeup

Products You Need

  1. Makeup Revolution Fortune Favors the Brave Palette (the one I used in my last makeup blog post)
  2. Maybelline fit me concealer in the shade medium
  3. Kajal Pencil( Use it of your choice and make sure it is easily blend-able)
  4. Blending Eye shadow brush (I used Kryolan 3507)
  5. Any good quality Mascara

RoyalΒ blue eye shadow looks real sophisticated on brown eyes and if you do not have ‘Fortune Favors the Brave’ palette, you can buy a separate royal blue eye shadow pigment or a high quality cream eyeshadow pencil in similar color.

1. Prep Your Eyes

Apply an eyeshadow primer or a concealer onto your eye lids. I use Maybelline fit me concealer in shade medium all over my eye lids to create a proper base for the eye makeup.

2. Create Depth in Your Crease

Makeup Revolution Fortune Favors the Brave Palette on wooden table

Take the dark brown eye shadow(first shade from the third row:left to right) onto your blending brush and swirl it into your crease a few times softly. I’ll show you the picture in the next step

3. Create a Black Base

Take your kajal pencil and draw a thick eyeliner onto your eyelids. The eyeliner should cover 1/3rd of your eye lid.

Blend the black kajal on half of your eye lids very softly and use the same blending brush to connect the brown shade from the crease with the blended black kajal.

smokey eyes

You don’t have to be precise with putting the black liner onto your eye lids. Just draw it roughly and blend it nicely with the crease. If you do not have a blending brush, fingers work just as fine in fact better than the brush.

4. Royal Highness

The look is almost complete. Take the shimmer royal blue shade(last one of the first row:left to right) onΒ a finger tip and tap it onto your blended black liner base. You have to put the blue shade quite a few times because this particular eye shadow is very sheer.

blue smokey eyes

5. Highlight BrowBone

Apply the cool-toned shimmer shade(first one of second row:left to right) onto your browbone; place underneath your brows. Highlighting the browbone will make your eyes look lifted.

Play this video and put the cool-toned white shade just where the the 3D glowing star is moving.

6. Mascara and Clean Up

Apply generous coats of mascara on your eye lashes and take the same royal blue eye shadow on a cotton swab and apply it on your lower lash line.

Clean up any fall out and use the concealer under your eyes to cover any dark circles.

sequins and smokey eyes

sequins and smokey eye

Ab tyar hui hn tu selfie tu ln gin nah πŸ˜‰

Anywho! You don’t need a special occasion to rock royal blue smokey eyes. If you want to incorporate blue in your everyday makeup look, buy a matte navy blue pencil and use it instead of a black eyeliner.

Bittersweet truth about Aquarius Females: They will create chaos and behave erratic if they feel they are losing themselves in the relationship.Not at all surprised!



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  1. Stunning 😍😍 Masha Allah.
    If I’m able to do even half that good, I’ll be happy. 😁

    I would love to learn more about aquarian kids (any tips on dealing with the erratic behaviour πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰)

    The website’s new layout looks great.

    1. Aquarians respond best to people who can hold conversations. They are a fixed sign hence the erratic behavior but give them their space and make spending QUALITY time a priority.

    2. and C’mon the eyemakeup is as easy as a smile. I did it just for you so you gotta try it and no excuses

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