5 Healthy Reasons to Lose Weight

5 healthy reasons to lose weight on a text gram

Hello my beauties! Today I wanted to do a girl talk post. Although I have a passion for beauty, style and fashion but there is a part of me that also aches to use my voice to instill self-love and self-acceptance among the young woman. The world would be a much better place if the women would stop comparing themselves to the perfectly ‘crafted’ image that the media constantly bombards us with. I used the word ‘crafted image’ because it is made up and in no way near to reality.

5 Healthy Reasons to Lose Weight

Being ‘over weight’ has a lot of stigma and shame attached to in our society partly because losing weight is a matter of ‘choice’. There are a lot of health as well as emotional causes for people being overweight and I don’t believe that any human being deserves less respect, less care or less quality of life based on the numbers on the scale.

Anywho, before you start questioning yourself whether or not you need to lose weight, I first need you to calculate your BMI. You only need to lose weight if the body description in the above mentioned website link tells that you are overweight.If you are overweight, then you have to lose weight with a positive mind set. Here I will list 5 of the healthy and positive reasons that should motivate you to lose weight.

1. Good Health

Irrespective of your age, if you happen to be overweight then some of the great health gains will include better and controlled blood pressure. Your cholesterol levels will be in check and your heart will thank you and assist you better in finding the love of your life hehe.

You will also have a decreased risk for getting diabetes. Even the thought of getting diabetes at such young age gives me shivers. Imagine a life where you are unable to enjoy pancakes, doughnuts and desserts. Sure why would you even call it a life anyways?

2. Active Lifestyle

Losing weight and an active lifestyle has a two way causality. With an active lifestyle you will achieve a healthy weight and the healthy weight assures you an active and stress free lifestyle. A healthy and normal weight will keep your joints strong and pain free. When you are carrying excess weight, it can create joint pain due to unnecessary stress.

So the stronger your limbs are, the more likely you are to experience life and its beauty at its full potential.

3. Faster Metabolism

When we eat food, the chemicals processes in our body cells have to convert that food into usable energy in order for us to live, move and to think. The metabolism is actually these set of chemical processes. The number of calories that you burn during a 24-hour period in order for your body’s basic functions to keep going is called resting metabolic rate. Now generally it is believed that overweight people have slower metabolic rate. It might be true as overweight people find it very hard to lose weight initially and some health conditions also cause the metabolism to slow down.

The most important thing in achieving a faster metabolism is increasing your muscle mass. A pound of muscle burns thirty times more calories than a pound of fat. Losing weight initially will be hard but if you are a young woman, it will be much easier as old age contributes towards the loss of muscle mass due to the hormonal changes.

In order to lose weight in a sustainable way, one has to make certain lifestyle changes as opposed to the crash weight loss diets which actually prove to be counterproductive for achieving healthy weight.

4. Clear Skin

It is said that you are what you eat. If your diet consists of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, your skin will clear up.  The healthy food helps in flushing out the toxicities of the body. Eliminate the processed, fried and fast food out of you diet and watch how fastly the acne parts with your face.

The healthy food choices will not only help in losing weight but also give you a glowing and healthy skin.

5. Healthy Relationship with Food

Food is the basic necessity of any living being. Having a healthy relationship with food is any human being’s basic right. While it is true that being overweight does not automatically make you a candidate who has an unhealthy relationship with food. Many women who are extremely thin suffer from anorexia and absolutely abhor the process of eating food.

If you are overweight, you need to first love and accept your body just the way it is. You should lose weight because you want to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Treat your body with love and respect and never use food to abuse it but only to nourish it. A healthy person with a healthy weight should feel happiness and contentment after the process of eating food instead of guilt and shame.


I am aware that there are different reasons and challenges for different people which cause the excessive weight gain. While there is no single and easy formula to losing weight. I do believe that strong determination and consistent effort can help you achieve anything in this world. Please remember that the reasons to lose weight should only come from a place of love and acceptance.

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