About Me


About Me

My name is Rimi and I am a Fashion,Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger currently residing in Islamabad, Pakistan. Also Known As Beautiful stated in year 2016 back when I graduated from Pakistan Institute of Development Economics(PIDE) with a degree in Economics. Even though Economics, Personal Finance and Data Analyzing have been my favorite subjects, I love exercising my creativity through Photography, Styling and writing as an outlet to relate to young women!

Why This Blog?

I always had a vision to share my love for creating a fashion and beauty wardrobe that is not only functional but is a statement in itself. Style is not just clothes and makeup products, it is an opportunity to create your individuality. You will find a lot of my personality and lifestyle through this blog.

I also want to give a message to young girls that having a unique style does not require you to invest in a lot of products and trends. The only thing that matters is your attitude and how far you are able to exercise your creativity with whatever little you have got.

I treat my website like a child and whatever I share over here is a reflection of my values and what I stand for.

With love ❤