About Me


About Me

My name is Rimi & I currently reside in Islamabad, Pakistan.

AlsoKnownAsBeautiful.com started in year 2016 when I got graduated from Pakistan Institute of Development Economics(PIDE) with a degree in Economics. The whole 9-5 working concept as a woman never appealed to me and I became very picky or should I say “disinterested” when it came to accepting job offers and giving interviews. I have always been a creative soul and my natural inclination towards modern and minimalist aesthetics led me to start blogging about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. After three years of managing my blog single-handedly, my personality and thinking process evolved and I decided to consistently write for Also Known As Beautiful to make it my job.

 Also Known As Beautiful

is an outlet where color and creativity meets Minimalism. The motto of my blog is

You do not need everybody’s approval and a lot of stuff to create your most beautiful self

Subscribe to Also Known As Beautiful to discover about Minimalist Fashion, Lifestyle, Personal Finance and Lots of Inspiring Content. If you have reached the end of this page, Let me tell you a fun fact about the Author of this blog. My real name is Rimsha and it means beautiful!

With love ❤